Webinar Training - Measuring Financial Returns

Four days course, November 24 , November  26, Decrember 1st and December 3

8:30 AM to 12:00

 Include course manual in English only.

  • A seven-module, targeted for commercial real estate property managers with a minimum of 5-10 years of experience.
  • Classroom instruction from seasoned professionals, reinforced by case studies and student

Guest former: Jean-François Bigras, CPM, RPA, MBA

Measuring Financial Returns

Measuring Financial Returns Curriculum—What You’ll Learn

Module 1: Measuring Asset Performance Using Financial Benchmarks

  • Real estate as an investment
  • Fundamental drivers of real estate as an investment asset class
  • Asset manager as team leader and team member Working as a team
  • Communicating with the owner/asset manager Monthly reporting

Module 2: Economic and Marketplace Factors Impacting Value

  • Macro/microeconomic forces
  • Supply/demand and relationship to vacancy and rental rates
  • Absorption
  • Market factors and evaluating market data

Module 3: Creating a Pro-Forma Cash Flow Analysis

  • Calculating Net Operating Income (NOI) and Net Cash Flow (NCF)
  • Operating expense ratio
  • Evaluating market data and building characteristics to determine income and expense assumptions

Module 4: Measuring Financial Return and Investment Analysis

  • Return on Investment (ROI), Calculating value (IRV), Calculating yield/return
  • Asset Appreciate/Depreciation

Module 5: Capital Markets

  • Key players in investment real estate and the role they play in the capital structure
  • Asset underwriting valuation strategies (debt and equity participation, joint ventures, general partnerships, etc.)

Module 6: Leverage

  • Concept of leverage
  • Ratios

Module 7: Case Study—New Lease

  • Case Study (group exercise)

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