BOMA Awards competition

The BOMA Awards competition highlights excellence and innovation in commercial real estate at the provincial, national and international levels. It offers prominent visibility for all participants. It is an opportunity to salute efforts made by firms to:

  • create innovative spaces that enhance the user experience;
  • construct eco-friendly spaces and buildings;
  • honour teams that provide outstanding customer service.

We are very pleased that the BOMA Awards competition awards can once again take place in person to celebrate real estate excellence and reward industry leaders together. 


The competition has three categories:

  • The  BUILDING OF THE YEAR AWARD rewards organizations that have excellent management practices and top quality operations, and that practise resource conservation and sustainable environmental management. The award is the most prestigious in the North American commercial real estate industry
  • The ENVIRONMENT AWARD honours organizations that make the environment a top priority. It highlights efforts to reduce the environmental impact of buildings and raise environmental awareness among building occupants by means of effective communications and a dedicated environmental management system. 
  • The PINNACLE AWARD recognizes outstanding customer service by firms that demonstrate innovation, consistency, creativity and integrity in their dealings with clients.

Register and seize the chance to shine provincially, nationally and internationally.

  • Submission of applications: March 19, 2023
  • BOMA Awards Gala: May 10, 2023
  • For information: 514 282-3826

Registration details and rules will be available shortly.

Please send your declaration of interest as soon as possible.