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BOMA Quebec brings together 400 member and 260 businesses, and all of them give serious thought to property management of the future. These talented men and women contribute on a daily basis to the vitality and evolution of our industry. Become a member and take part in the discussion!

Several good reasons for joining BOMA

  • Access to job offers posted on our website;
  • Build your business network and be part of a friendly, enterprising community;
  • Access to innovative, practical resources to expand your knowledge and skills: more than 25 activities, courses and conferences, including the Great Speakers series;
  • Unique opportunities to position your expertise and to raise your profile (BOMA Awards, Building Energy Challenge, etc.);
  • Media monitoring of industry trends and issues;
  • Career development and education (RPA, FMA, SMA). 

New members receive a 40% discount when getting their membership between April 1 and October 1. It's never too late to become a member!




Companies or organizations that own, invest in, manage, develop or lease qualified property located within the province of Quebec. Each corporate member designates an individual to represent it and exercise its rights, including the right to attend and vote at meetings of BOMA members. The BOMA International membership is included in the price. Corporate members are divided into 3 sub-categories: 

  1. Those with a portfolio of less than 100,000 square feet (total rentable area)
  2. Those with a portfolio of more than 100,000 square feet (total rentable area)
  3. Regional corporate members whose business activities are located more than 100 km from Montreal and that manage no buildings in Montreal.

Annual Membership Fees

  • Corporate member more than 100,000 square feet : $1490
  • Corporate member less than 100,000 square feet : $1210
  • Regional corporate member : $1210
  • Next Generation – regular rate: $695
  • Additional member: $525
  • Next Generation member – 1st year: $40
  • Additional Next Generation member: $350

Additional Information

  • Next Generation: Aged 40 or less and employed full time in real estate management.
  • Anyone working for a Corporate member can continue to be a member until the end of the current fiscal year, with written approval from the board of directors.

A company or organization that provides products and services to the commercial real estate industry. Each business member designates one individual to represent it and exercise its rights. 

Annual Membership Fees

  • Business member: $1490
  • Additional member: $525

Individuals working in the commercial real estate industry as a self-employed individual or in a non-member company.

Annual Membership Fees

  • Individual member: $1210
  • Next Generation member: $695

A student registered full time in a university or college program. A photocopy of the student card and proof of full time study must be submitted with the application for membership.

Annual Membership Fees

  • Student member: $55

NEXT GENERATION MEMBER (40 years of age and under)
members can now pay for a next generation member for only $ 40 for the first year!

  • This offer is valid for a professional 40 years of age and under, working in the corporate member's business and having never been a member of BOMA Québec.
  • This New Generation Member will be able to renew his / her membership the following year at the regular Relève rate.
  • To activate this promotion, you will need to enter your company's Primary Identifier code, available in your member area.


To Register

  • If your firm is already a member, enter the firm's identification code and choose the type of membership you want. You can then conclude the transaction. 
  • If your firm is not a member, please enter its name and select the membership you want. You can then conclude the transaction.
  • IMPORTANT: Forgot the ID code? Please do not create a second account. Click on the Sign in button at the top of the page to receive a new password by e-mail. 

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