Hilo: A new service for buildings

Hilo, a Hydro-Québec subsidiary, is now offering organizations a simple, reliable and automated smart demand response solution to help optimize their electricity use in winter peak periods.

Starting this year, businesses and institutions will be able to benefit from this turnkey service and participate in Hilo challenges, which take place up to 30 times a winter, during peak hours. The idea: In order to reduce their consumption when demand for electricity is highest, organizations let Hilo adjust their building’s heating, ventilation and humidity levels. This frees up energy when the power system is under the most pressure, enabling customers to receive cash rewards that can add up to thousands of dollars. Such was the case for Ikea, Collège de Rosemont, Cascades, Carbonleo, Manulife, the Centre national de cyclisme de Bromont and MONTONI, all of whom took part in the prelaunch phase in recent months.  

Hilo's goal is to act as a virtual power plant by coordinating energy demand to meet the needs of the power system. Organizations that use electricity wisely help decrease future energy needs and limit GHG emissions. They play an active role in a major societal project: Quebec's green energy transition.

Hilo will work in close cooperation with firms specializing in building automation to ensure the compatibility of its solution with current systems.

Learn more about Hilo: https://www.hiloenergie.com/en-ca/business/


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