Snow Removal on Flat and Pitched Roofs Safety First!

Falling from a rooftop, buried beneath the snow, illness caused by intense physical effort or by extreme cold: workers and employers who do not take adequate security precautions prior to removing snow from a rooftop expose themselves to danger.

BOMA Quebec would like to pass on some advice about working methods for safe snow removal provided by the CNESST.

The CNESST has released a video outlining concrete methods of working safely when clearing snow from rooftops, including the importance of inspecting the roof before beginning any snow removal. Safe, secure snow removal methods are emphasized.

View the video at Comment déneiger un toit plat de façon sécuritaire? and spread the word!

Tips and Tools
Employers and building owners and managers have a duty to ensure that work methods comply with safety regulations. Tips and tools for safe snow removal from rooftops are available on the website at

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