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Members categories descriptioN

CORPORATE MEMBER means a company or organization involved in the ownership, investment, management, development or leasing of a qualified property located within the province of Québec. Each Corporate Member shall designate one (1) individual to represent it and exercise all of its rights, including the right to attend and vote at the meetings of the Members.

Corporate Members shall be divided in three sub-categories :

A - the ones having a total portfolio of less than 100 000 square feet (total rentable area) 
B - the ones having a total portfolio of more than 100 000 square feet (total rentable area) 
C - REGIONAL CORPORATE MEMBER shall be a Corporate Member operating at more than 100 kilometers from Montreal and managing no buildings in Montreal

means employees or partners of Corporate, Regional or Business Members who qualify by reason of their nomination by their respective companies and shall be designated as Corporate, Regional or Business “Additional Member”, respectively.

means Members whose employment with a CORPORATE MEMBER has ended and who after written notice and request to the Executive Officer and approval of the Board, continue as Member until the end of the current fiscal year after such approval.

means a company or organization that provides products and/or services to the real estate industry. Each Business Member shall designate one (1) individual to represent it and exercise all of its rights.

means individuals who would otherwise qualify as an Corporate Additional Member, however, their employer is not a Member or they have not been nominated by their employer.

Student membership conditions:
Be a student and registered full time in a university or college program. (A photocopy of your student card and full time proof of study must be forwarded once candidate registers.)

ATTENTION, this category is accessible to corporate members only.
Next Generation Member conditions: 
Aged 40 or less and employed full time in property manager. (A photocopy of proof of date of birth to be forwarded once candidate registers.)

Benefits of being a member
Becoming a member allows you to benefit from all the advantages offered by BOMA Québec.

Whether you are in charge of the management of real estate, you offer services to the real estate industry or you are a person you can join.

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List of memberships prices

Corporate members can now purchase a Next Generation membership at a reduced rate of $40 for the first year of a young person's membership. 

  • Offer valid for property managers aged 40 or under who work for a firm that is a corporate member, and who have never been members of BOMA Quebec.
  • The next generation member can renew his or her membership the following year at the regular rate.
  • To activate this promotion, you must enter your firm's ID code.

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