Special Presentation - RCx for Non-engineers

Special Presentation - RCx for Non-engineers
Special Presentation - RCx for Non-engineers

January 25, from 9:00 to 11:15 a.m.

Detailed Schedule:

  • 9:00 a.m. - Greeting 
  • 9:10 to 11:10 a.m. - Workshop
  • 11:15 - End of activity

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The benefits of recommissioning projects for building mechanical systems are well documented. With minimal investment, many managers have achieved energy savings of 10 to 20%, while improving the comfort of their buildings. To ensure that a decommissioning project is a success, two key elements are necessary: the professional’s level of expertise, and the mandate given by the building manager.

This workshop has been specially designed for property managers and clients, and will cover all the essential elements, allowing you to properly draft the mandate you give to the expert. It will provide guidelines for selecting an expert, and information on financial assistance available.

Geneviève Gauthier, National Manager, Econoler


  • Recommissioning a building’s Mechanical Systems 101: Stéphan Gagnon, Project Manager, MERN
  • Which buildings to prioritize and how to prepare an estimate: Dominic Turgeon, Project engineer, CanmetÉNERGIE - Natural Resources Canada
  • Choosing a project: Jérôme Conraud, Director of Utilities and Energy Management at McGill University.
  • Case study: Maxime Poulin, Groupe immobilier Desjardins
  • Financial assistance available: Geneviève Gauthier, National Manager, Econoler


  • Reception (9 to 9:10 a.m.)
    • Speaker: To be confirmed
    • Duration: 10 minutes
    • Content: Presentation of workshops and of the Building Energy Challenge objectives
  • Recommissioning Mechanical Systems 101 (9:10 to 9:30)
    • Speaker: Stéphan Gagnon, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources
    • Duration: 20 minutes (15 + 5)
    • Content: Major principles, benefits, phases, announcement of Énergia finalists
  • Which buildings to prioritize and how to prepare an estimate (9:30 to 10)
    • Speaker: Dominic Turgeon, CanmetENERGY – Natural Resources Canada
    • Duration: 30 minutes (20 + 10)
    • Content: Presentation of a pre-selection tool and a typical estimate
  • Pause (10 to 10:15)
  • Case study (10:15 to 10:35)
    • Speaker: Maxime Poulin, Desjardins Real Estate Investment Group
    • Duration: 20 minutes (15 + 5)
    • Content: Choose the buildings to be commissioned, choice of modes (classic recommissioning or continuous recommissioning), choice of professional or continuous commissioning software and collaboration between the various levels of management and teams of professionals.
  • Choosing a professional: Guidelines (10:35 to 10:55)
    • Speaker: Jérôme Conraud, McGill University
    • Duration: 20 minutes (10 + 10)
    • Content: Feedback on successful and not-so-successful projects. Jérôme Conraud will share McGill’s experience with re-commissioning projects. He will outline the winning conditions for successful collaboration with recommissioning professionals. How does one choose the right professionals? What structure should be put in place to support them? How to ensure that objectives are met? What are the pitfalls to avoid? These are some of the questions addressed in this presentation.
  • Closing words (10:55 to 11)
    • Speaker: To be confirmed
    • Subsidies (Énergir, MÉRN)
    • Duration: 15 minutes


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