Webinar Training : Measuring Workshop

9:30 AM to 11:15 AM

Guest former: Stéphane Carrière, OAQ, OAA, ATS Uptime Institute, vice-president at COHÉSIO Architecture

1. BOMA Standard Methods of Measurement (45 minutes)

  • Introduction
  • Evolution of measurement standards
  • New 2010-12 standards
    - Gross areas of a building
    - Residential
    - Multi-usage building
           - MUCA concept (multi-use common areas)
    - Commercial
    - Industrial
    - Offices
  • IPMS Standards
  • Applications and interpretation

2. Office Buildings: 2010 BOMA Standard Methods of Measurement (45 minutes)

  • 1996 Basic principles vs. 2010
  • Measurement principles
  • New definitions and terms
  • Definition of measured spaces
  • Illustrations and concepts
  • Method A (legacy method - as in 1996)  vs. Method B (virtual corridors and capped load factor)
  • Calculation tables
  • Tips and tricks
  • Overview of the 2017 method

3. Questions Period (15 minutes)


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