New crop of BOMA BEST® certified buildings in the greater Quebec region, including one Platinum level!

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Quebec, November 26, 2015 – The Quebec Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA Québec) held its Christmas Cocktail and BOMA BEST® certification event on November 25th. As a result, 19 buildings can now proudly display their BOMA BEST® certificates. These certificates acknowledge a commitment to reducing one’s ecological footprint and to maintaining excellence in environmental best practices. BOMA Canada released a renewed version of the BOMA BEST® program along with a new trademark last September. Designed to be more easily understood and associated with environmental standards, BOMA BEST® certificates continue to be synonymous with rigourous building operations.

The event was held at the Édifice Roland-Giroux on Laurier Blvd in Québec City. BOMA Québec is pleased to congratulate the following companies, and would like to underscore the achievements of the Société québécoise des infrastructures for obtaining a Platinum certificate, as well as for the number of buildings certified.

Platinum Level

Société québécoise des infrastructures
Palais de justice – Québec 

Gold Level

 iA Groupe Financier
Édifice Marly

Le Groupe de Sociétés Westcliff
Les Galeries Chagnon

Services de gestion FCR LP
Place Seigneuriale 

Société québécoise des infrastructures
Palais de justice de Trois-Rivières

Silver Level

iA Groupe Financier
1055, des Forges

Services de gestion FCR LP
Centre Maxi Trois-Rivières
Carrefour Soumande-Vanier 

Société québécoise des infrastructures
2535 boulevard Laurier, Québec
4260 Boulevard Bourque
Centre de services de Gaspé
Édifice Bertrand-Fabi
Édifice Léon-Lambert
Palais de justice d'Amos
Palais de justice de Joliette
Quartier général - Sûreté du Québec, Rimouski 

Bronze Level

Société québécoise des infrastructures
Édifice Paul-Arthur-Dickey

Certified Level

Société québécoise des infrastructures
Laboratoire régional 

About the new BOMA BEST®

The program now has five levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Certified. These levels, along with a more intuitive trademark will allow the occupants of certified buildings to more quickly associate the certificate, the level and the quality of the achievement in terms of environmental practices. The program is constantly evolving and new tools are being developed. They include an upgrade of the existing questionnaire to keep up with industry standards, a new flexible, user-friendly and customizable software platform; additional assessment protocols such as BOMA BEST® for Sustainable Workplaces to recognize tenants’ environmental initiatives; as well as a new Resiliency Assessment Tool to offer guidance toward reducing risks related to short and long-term extreme weather events. 

About BOMA Québec

BOMA Quebec is the Quebec Building Owners and Managers Association. It has more than 400 members representing 85% of commercial Class A buildings in Quebec. Some 25% of members do volunteer work on our committees, thereby helping to make BOMA Quebec the most active and dynamic association in the industry. A leader in the industry since 1927, over the years it has become a major force in the Quebec real estate sector because of its active role in addressing pressing issues, its training programs, its innovative approach to responsible environmental management via its BOMA BEST® certification program, and its Standard Method of Measurement which has become an industry benchmark. It is affiliated with BOMA Canada and BOMA International, which has offices in a dozen countries such as Australia, Russia and Japan. BOMA has 16,500 members in North America who own and manage more than 9 billion square feet of commercial space. 


For further information:

Marie-Claude Fontaine                                                                  
BOMA BEST® Coordinator 
BOMA Québec                                                                                                           
514 282-3826, Ext. 2007

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